Direct selling

Danord is aimed at those who feel the need to customize their spaces, those who love Nordic design

… but not only…

In fact, different but parallel worlds coexist: they range from the Scandinavian countries, with their tradition, that today is told in books and represented by galleries and important auction houses in the world, up to objects, lamps, and accessories produced by companies both Nordic and ThaiSpanishEnglish

What drives our research is a simple, clean, direct language.

The “functionality” of the object, a concept which is proper to the movement that we represent with our work, is the basis of the search for every detail … from each piece of furniture to the carpet to the lamp.

The modern representation of objects belonging to this tradition, which have made the history of design today.

Furniture hire

We work with several companies and studios that turn to us for a rental service for trade fair stands, photo sets, events, and exhibitions.

We take care of the careful packaging of every single item and, if necessary, of national and international shipping.


We participate in the sale of several national and international auctions.
For information on auctions and lots please do not hesitate to contact us.