Cabinet and bookshelves by Borge Mogensen – Code 1019

Cabinet with two doors, with internal shelves and adjustable drawers. The bookcase part goes on the cabinet. This was one of the most popular of Mogensen’s projects for the Danish cooperative FDB , for its versatility. The upper part consists of eight adjustable shelves and could be used together with the lower cabinet or elsewhere. The whole piece is built with a solid wood core including the shelves. By opening the lower doors there are adjustable solid wood shelves and drawers that can be used in a variety of combinations on both sides of the interior. A wonderful detail are the custom brass keys / handles that allow access to the bottom section.

Designed by Borge Mogensen for FDB – Denmark-

Mod. 232-154


Measure: ( low part with doors ) 122 x 44,5 x h 74

( top part, with shelves ) 122 x 26 x h 133 / h tot 207

Code 1019