Carpet ” The Square ” – Josef Albers – Code 1305

Hand-knotted wool rug, produced for the “Edition” series by the English company Christopher Farr – exclusive reproduction of the “The Square” series by the artist Josef Albers .

These rugs are numbered and limited edition, and are produced in collaboration with the Josef Foundation and Anni Albers.


Josef Albers was an important member of the Bauhaus. An eclectic artist, he was a painter, poet, writer and art teacher.

He worked on the instability of forms.

With his work he replicates abstract geometric patterns using primary colours.

The aim is to explore the effects of visual perception.

His best known work was “FREE TO THE FRAMEWORK”, on which he worked in great depth, elaborating a large number of works.

With this extensive work he developed several squares, one inside the other, of different colours, creating an optical effect of depth.


Size: 1.75 x 1.75

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