CH36 chairs by Hans Wegner

The CH36 chair was designed in 1962 and is characterized by its simple design. It demonstrates the influence of Shaker principles and craftsmanship on Wegnerian aesthetics. It is a chair with elegant vertical legs, a smooth and rounded backrest, which ensures an ideal support for the back, and a woven paper-cord seat, according to a very simple model.

Its modest appearance tends towards the anonymous and is so delicate as to lead to the false conclusion that the CH36 is not a solid chair. It was decided to have the chair thoroughly tested by the Technological Institute of Denmark before putting it into production. It is said that the chair has exceeded the 60,000 oscillations required without any problems, but the staff forgot to turn off the machine before closing for the weekend. The following Monday, back at work, they found the test equipment broken and the chair perfectly intact.

This proved their absolute solidity.

It is a clear example of the “aesthetic and formal purity” that underlies Wegner’s design.


Number 4 chairs available

Designed by Hans Wegner , produced by Carl Hansen & Son


Solid oak, soap-treated – paper seat – cord