FJ Bowl -cod.897

Teak Bowl, made from a single piece of wood.

Original drawing of 1951, by Finn Juhl.

The sculptural FJ Bowl is the smallest of the sought-after teak series designed by Finn Juhl in 1951. It represents the characteristic fusion of organic shapes and carefully researched balance between wood, shape and colour, which made Finn Juhl famous.
Striving to leave the materials in their naturalness, Finn Juhl finds a fragile balance in the contrast between the organic texture of teak and the wavy elliptical edge. The simplicity of natural wood is juxtaposed with geometric complexity.
The flared body of the bowl is elegantly supported by a circular foot, which corresponds in shape to the inner rim, creating the kind of aesthetic harmony that Finn Juhl aspired to when designing interiors.
The FJ Bowl is handmade from a single piece of teak and oil treated. The choice of this material ensures a beautiful patina over time, giving the bowl that extra character.

When I look at this Bowl, I can see the lines, the refined details of the manufacture and understand how one can find perfection, balance, even in such a small object.

It is of pure and absolute beauty…