The GE 225 armchair was designed by Hans Wegner and produced by Getama since 1950.
Now it is still produced by PP-Mobler ( PP225) .
With its stainless steel frame, seat and backrest are made of 240 meters of rope, and with its long-haired sheepskin that softens the industrial sharpness, this chair is one of the greatest examples of functional design, with its maximum comfort.
Despite its apparently futuristic appearance, the Flag Halyard Chair was conceived on a summer afternoon when Wewgner was at the beach…his mind was constantly working on his designs and new insights.

He began to model an ideal seat in the sand, trying out the various possible inclinations…he made his first sketches using the corners of the seat he had conceived on the beach.
Despite his clear preference for wood, Wegner shows his courageous interest in “creating”. With the Flag Halyard Chair he pays tribute to early modernists such as Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe and Marcel Breuer, and shows that he can juggle stainless steel with the same elegance with which he “sculpts” wood.

Size: max. width 104 / seat width 61 x 110 x h. sed. 40 /h.seat cm75