Glasses and glass carafe Kaj Frank -Nuutajarvi 1609 – Code 1262

Glass and water jug set , designed by Kaj Franck – Nuutajarvi 1609 – Kimara Party set – Year 1953

Made in Finland .

Available :

n. 6 water glasses – Diam. 6 cm / h. 10,5

n. 1 carafe water – Diam. 8 cm. / h. 21 cm / 90 cl.

The glass village Nuutajarvi , was founded in 1793 by Jacob Wilhelm de Pont and Harald Furnhjelm. The place was chosen for its forest resources, since the fire to process the glass required a large amount of firewood. While many glass factories were being established at this time, Nuutajarvi still stands out from the others. Until its closure in 2014, it was the oldest working glass factory in Finland.

Nuutajarvi merged with Ittala in 1988, and it was here that the glass birds of Oiva Toikka were made for forty years. Although production has since moved to the main factory in Ittala in Finland, the birds are still handmade and made by master glassblowers in Ittala. The beloved Kastehelmi (Dewdrop) glass products from Toikka have also been produced in the traditional Nuutajarvi factory.

Oiva Toikka is not the only famous Finnish designer with close ties to Nuutajarvi. Kaj Franck was the artistic director of the glass village of Nuutajarvi until 1973 and many of his projects also passed through the furnaces. It was thanks to him that Nuutajarvi acquired such expertise in working with stained glass, turning these pieces into a collector’s item still in demand today.

The glass village Nuutajarvi is open all year round for visits and is located in the municipality of Urjala, along the Turku – Tampere motorway. Glassblowing is still a huge part of the small community and designers continue to create original works to keep the tradition alive. Visitors can still see the glassblowers working at the Nuutajarvi Glass School and see iconic works in the Nuutajarvi Glass Museum.

Code 1262


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