Hardy armchair – Another Country

Comfortable oak seat with cushions.
With wrap-around lines and a back characterized by round rods, it suits different areas of the home and different styles.

Two types of chairs from the 19th century, the century of Thomas Hardy’s birth, inspired the design of the sister Hardy Chair: the Captain’s chair, originally a low-backed wooden armchair, and the Smokers bow, a low-backed Windsor, often used in smoking rooms, public houses, barbershops, and cottages.

Old Furniture, a poem by Dorset-born Thomas Hardy, after whom the line is named, is an ode to the beauty of furniture that has been passed down from generation to generation, and David Irwin’s oak Hardy Armchair is a classic in the making.

The armchair is upholstered with 100 percent natural upholstery.

Measurements: 74.9 x 64.4 x h. back. 63.6/ h. seat 32.9