Lounge-chair Marcel Breuer – Cod. 745 –

Created by Marcel Breuer in 1935, shortly after his move to London, for the Isokon Furniture Company, a city company founded by Jack Pritchard in 1931 to meet the growing demand for modern furniture. Gropius at the time worked as a consultant at Isokon and suggested that Breuer experiment with plywood and develop a chair suitable for mass production, while encouraging him to model his chair on the one he had previously designed in 1933 in aluminium. The “Long chair” was Breuer’s first experiment with plywood. It is a demonstration of a new question, to give shape to a chair that fits comfortably around the human figure. The uprights for the prototypes of the “Long Chair” were made in a small workshop in London, the seats were initially ordered pre-folded by the Venesta Plywood Company in Estonia, where Jack Pritchard had previously worked. The “Long chair” is perhaps the most highly developed of all the plywood pieces designed by Breuer for Isokon. This chair is one of the most prominent in inter-war modernism, anticipating the direction of post-war design.
Chaise lounge Marcel Breuer , Bauhaus .


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