Oak cabinet-library – Cod. 1502

Oak cabinet-library, composed of two overlapping parts .
The lower part contains drawers, which, thanks to the characteristic grooves on the sides, can be placed at will, while to the side it contains shelves.
The upper part, on the other hand, consists of shelves (which can also be placed as desired, thanks to the holes in the shoulders).
In addition, by opening the flap door, you get a convenient desk, with drawers and shelves.
This is a very clean piece of furniture, but at the same time unique in its capacity and practical use.
The attention to details ,such as the bevel in the shelves, the rounded doors, the inlays in the drawers, and the brass hinges, make this cabinet-bookcase sophisticated and valuable.
It is distinguished by its simple, clean lines, typical of Borge Mogensen’s unmistakable trait , a master of cleanliness, proportion, and functionality.

Made in Denmark

Measurements: 138 x 43 x h 67 ( lower part )
138 x 30.5 x h 129 ( upper part )
Total height 196 cm.

Code 1502

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