Peacock chair

The “Peacock chair” was designed by Hans Wegner in 1947.

The design of this important chair is inspired by that of the old English Windsor chair and shows a certain similarity with the Asian rattan furniture. Like the Windsor chairs, its wide arch is not bent by steam but laminated by several pieces of wood to make the shape precise and stable. Working at Peacock, Wegner was aware that the rounded rods were not really comfortable as a backrest. So he thought of flattening them where the shoulder blades rested on the wood. For many, this might just be a decorative feature, but for Wegner it was also the result of ergonomic considerations. However, its wide, translucent fan shape fits well in bright, open spaces, where it does not interrupt the flow of the eye through the room, and its ornamental shade finely decorates walls and floors. The Peacock started a long series of large, rich chairs in Wegner’s work. It was baptised by Wegner’s colleague Finn Juhl, who thought it alluded to a peacock’s tail.

Ash, teak and woven paper-cord.

Johannes Hansen , Denmark.

max. width 69 x 50 / seat width 57 / h. sed. 35,5 / h. b