Rosewwod Sideboard – Cod 1518

This sideboard made of rosewood has rational and very clean lines.
Due to the fine material it results in a fine and refined piece.
This kind of furniture made of rosewood is part of the early production of functionalism, and both by era and the special quality of the wood, it is highly sought after and considered important.
Rosewood is a dark-grained wood, but it also has the characteristic of containing lighter, reddish grains, which, when illuminated, give the wood an effect of great warmth and depth.
It is furniture that gives rooms great character and elegance .

Equipped with two sliding doors on the sides and in the central part of four convenient drawers ( the first of which has a pull-out tray, and covered in green cloth ).

The edges of the doors are beveled and the profiles framed with darker wood strips .
It is in good condition and of excellent workmanship.
Made in Denmark

Dimensions: 200 x 44 x h 81

Code 1518