Round Chairs (The Chairs ) – Hans Wegner / Johannes Hansen

Round Chairs (The Chairs )

Designer: Hans Wegner
Producer: Johannes Hansen
Epoch: 1949
Materials: Oak and woven cane
Dimensions: 63 x 48 x h. 44,5

Probably Hans Wegner’s most important work. This model in particular is one of the most prestigious, dating back to the first production. A superior chair for several reasons: the perfection of the shape, the comfort of the seat, the finishes of the details, the use of materials. When it was presented to the public for the first time, the chair did not have much success. In 1950, however, it was published in the magazine “Interior” and became more popular. It became an icon in 1960, when it was used during the television debate for the elections between J.F. Kennedy and R. Nixon. The chair owes its name to Osker Fritscher, director of “Den Permanenten”, a renowned shop in Copenhagen, who named it “The Chair”.