Rugs Mod. Duotone – Bold- Bold melange- Bold block- Kvadrat

Woven wool carpets in modern and refined colours.

They are all available to order, in different colours and made to measure.

The following models belong to the same “family” and are therefore easy to combine, both in terms of colour variations and weave textures ( Duotone / Bold / Bold melange / Bold block ) :

Duotone : the particularity of this rug is that , when seen in large size , is has a nuanced effect – due to the type of texture of the weave , which combines two colours , in a handcrafted and deliberately non- flat way .

Bold Block – is a wool rug , with a full-bodied and warm weave – it has different colours , in solid colours, with a contrasting border.

Bold melange – similar to Duotone , but with a more substantial weave –

Same texture as Bold melange and Bold Block – but with one third of the rug in a different colour from the rug itself .

Made in Denmark

Manufactured by Kvadrat

If you would like some informations, simply sedn us the size and pattern you are interested in and we will provide you with a quote and estimated delivery time.


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