“The Spanish Chair” by Borge Mogensen – Fredericia

A famous and award-winning symbol of Nordic elegance and refinement, the “Spanish chair ” was designed in 1958 by Borge Mogensen , for Fredericia Furniture .
Solid oak or walnut frame, leather seat and back, and metal buckles .
The leather seat has a canvas backing .
The straps have the function of being able to tighten the leather upholstery at will, which can loosen with time and wear.
This seat gains in beauty as it is used over the years.
It is a piece of great personality and very representative for the design of the period.

This seat takes its inspiration and name, from a trip to Spain , in the late 1950s, when Mogensen had the opportunity to study seats belonging to ancient cultures , rereading and reinterpreting them with the Nordic language of the period.
The result is a great , timeless icon.

Measurements: 82.5 x 60 x h. back. 67 / h. seat 33

Made in Denmark