Vase “Orkidea” design Timo Sarpaneva – Ittala -Code 1265

“Orkidea” is a small glass sculpture, which has been given the function of a single flower vase, thanks to the void created inside and the small hole.

It was designed by Timo Sarpaneva in 1953, and produced by Ittala.

Made in Finland.

Mis .: H. 27.5 x 8 large.max

“Remember, we don’t bow to anyone,” said Timo Sarpaneva to the Lauri Viitala blower, who understood that the back of this vase should not bend.

This work with sinuous lines and pure and refined form is nowadays an object sought after and considered between worship and history, a timeless icon.

The Triennale di Milano in 1954, awarded the Grand Prix for his creations to Sarpaneva, and thus became famous all over the world.

His splendid creation “Orkidea” was included by the American magazine “House Beautiful” in the ranking of the “most beautiful objects of the year”, and in Finland it was called “the most beautiful object in the world”.

His glass collection was described as “a combination of everyday glass and artistic glass”.

Sarpaneva was a prominent figure on the world design scene.

Man with innovative gifts and delicate sensitivity, in addition to vases and ceramics, he also created several glass sculptures.


Code 1265