W151 Extra large pendant -Wastberg

With its large dimensions, w151 Extra large boldly places itself in a deliberate ‘outsize’ position. Its three lampshades combine great proportions, geometry and high-quality light in a single gesture.
Besides providing light, lamps – and pendant lamps in particular – play an important role in adding definition and physical presence to a room. Suspended from the ceiling, they give shape to light, creating rooms within rooms.
w151 Extra large pendant luminaire reproposes this role, defining the space it inhabits – an office, a home, a hotel lounge – with comfortable, direct light.
Based on the most basic of geometric shapes – the cone – the w151 Extra large pendant is available in three variants, ranging from high and narrow to low and wide. All three models are exceptionally large, but are able to fit through a standard doorframe.
To maintain an elegant and clean silhouette while supporting the weight of the metal lampshades, the suspension cable is integrated into the cable.
Despite its size, the w151 Extra large is surprisingly slim, yet just as durable. Thanks to its carefully thought-out details and soft matt finish, the result is illusory, almost otherworldly.
Much effort has been put into ensuring that w151 Extra large’s light is as impressive as its size and able to play a central role in a large room. A high-quality SMD LED solution is used to create an even spread of warm white light.

Designer: M.Claesson- E.Koivisto – O. Rune- Swedish architects

Materials: acrylic shade / polycarbonate dome / acrylic diffuser

Colours : white – RAL 9016
black – RAL 9005
red orange – RAL 2001
carmine red – RAL 3002
purple red – RAL 3004

Models and dimensions :

W151 S1 – rosette diam. 11,4 cm.
shade diameter 45 cm.
rosette thickness 3,4 cm.
H. lampshade 1,27 mt.
H. max wire 4,50 mt.

W151 S2 – rosette diam. 11,4 cm.
shade diameter 78 cm.
rosette thickness 3,4 cm.
H. lampshade 86 cm.
H. max wire 4,50 mt.

W151 S3 – rosette diam. 11,4 cm.
lampshade diam. 1,30 mt.
rosette thickness 3,4 cm.
H. lampshade 45 cm.
H. max wire 4,50 mt.