Private house project in Parma – Arch. Erika Caggiati – Studio Caggiati Paini Architects

This is the first chapter of a story that will continue… the need arose to tell and share the work done in these very special years of my life and my work.


I had the opportunity to follow some beautiful projects, alongside people with strong sensitivity and motivated by the goal of obtaining interiors characterized by personality, culture and history. Spontaneous contaminations have thus been created, thanks to the use of objects belonging to the history of these people, alongside important icons of historical Scandinavian design.


The result is generally of great character and unique in the authentic personalization of the environments.


The first house I would like to tell you about is located in a residential area of ​​the city of Parma.


This renovation is followed and supervised by the architect Erika Caggiati (Studio Caggiati Paini Architetti).


The choice on the exterior was to preserve the elements that characterize the typical 1940s houses in the area, apart from a reinterpretation of the colors of the facade and two custom-made iron pergolas; while the interior has been completely reinterpreted; no longer the division into small rooms, but a subtraction has been made to open and empty the space, playing as much as possible with light, also emphasizing the choice of light colors for the walls, and opening new perspectives on the green.


Within this new “empty” space, the creation of two centers: the double-sided fireplace element that connects the two living rooms (covered, like all the bathrooms in the house, with mosaics produced by Mutina), and the staircase.


The traditional masonry staircase was demolished. Instead, an iron structure was literally lowered into the space obtained with the function of a staircase – library – parapet, seven meters high, which vertically distributes the whole house.

The love for twentieth-century design and painting is the common thread in the choice of objects, works of art and furnishings.


In fact, in the living room and in the dining area, original period furniture from the Scandinavian tradition, designed by architects such as Hans Wegner, Borge Mogensen, and Niels O. Moller, find the right place. In addition, the modern and sober interpretation of the fabrics was achieved thanks to a selection of products from the Danish company Kvadrat.


The rugs, like the paintings, bear the signatures of important exponents of Italian twentieth-century art.

The love for light, not only natural, combines historical lights from the most significant designers such as F.L. Wright, Jean Prouvè, Gio Ponti, Achille Castiglioni and Bruno Munari, together with the newly produced lights by the Italian firm Davide Groppi.

The final result of these environments, where different worlds and cultures coexist united by a single spirit and a distinct and coherent taste, has great personality and uniqueness.


As any project should be, the expression of those who live there.


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