Karin Eriksson – vasetti artigianali – Stockholm-

It was the first time I was in Stockholm… I entered this laboratory, magical, where time seemed to stand still.

I remember the music, a music from the 30s, and a lot of snow outside the windows.

Karin’s workshop is a special place.

Her creations are very delicate and are still produced by hand, using the lathe technique.

Each piece is unique, and imperfection becomes value.

Karin also produces on request.





A new blanket in the Mourne Textiles range. Gerd developed this double weave, originally known as the Welsh Bedspread, in 1933 while working as textile manager for the Rural Industries Bureau in Wales.
In 1934, the Welsh Textiles Association, used this weave as a representative of the British Industries Fair and Gordon Russell, the respected London designer, used it to upholster chairs and sofas in his collection.
During the 1950s, the Welsh Bedspread was revived on commission for Michael Scott and the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin. The Maldwyn Stripes, like the Salthill Tweed, was developed from sketches found in Gerd’s archives and woven using 100% wool.
Soft, warm and durable, Maldwyn Stripe brings a timeless feel to any home.