Casa Connessa Tortona

Milano Design Week – Honda Experience – Tortona Connected House

Scandinavian traditional furniture in the space designed by Avantgarde - London On the occasion of the Design week, this year for the first time HONDA presented itself to the Milanese public, with a prototype of an ecological machine. The Avantgarde communication agencies, based in London, has developed a project based on the essence of the machine presented, thus putting together the ingredients that represent it ... ecology, innovation, ergonomics, functionality, harmonious and organic shapes, sophisticated materials inside such as warm fabrics and woods for All this has made the connection with Scandinavian Design spontaneous, which has always been based on these principles, of essentiality, purity and functionality ... not to mention the eco-sustainable aspect, of which the Nordic countries are spokesmen and precursors.

Posted on: 17 April 2019 in Creations, Insights, Preview