Milano Design Week – Honda Experience – Tortona Connected House

Scandinavian furniture in the space designed by Avantgarde – London


This year, during the Milan Design Week, for the first time HONDA presented itself to the Milan public, with a prototype of an ecological car the Honda e-Prototype.

Avantgarde communication agency, based in London, drew up a project based on the essence of the e-car presented, thus putting together the ingredients that represent it: ecology, innovation, ergonomics, functionality, harmonious and organic shapes and sophisticated materials inside like warm fabrics and woods for the finishes.

All this made spontaneous the connection with the Scandinavian Design, which had always been based on these principles, of essentiality, purity and functionality… not to mention the eco-sustainable aspect, of which the Nordic countries are representative and forerunners.

The Project


The project in Via Tortona No. 12 welcomes the visitors through a corridor, with projections and sensory sounds, and transports them to a single open environment – the first part represents the out-door area, where in the center is presented the new Honda e-Prototype.

Then, through a large frame that represents the subtle, symbolic, entrance to the in-door area, you enter a reception area, with a bar and a large living area.

To serve as a link a symbolic “tree of life”, whose branches give the accent, giving energy, to the various moments and to the various zones of the environment.

The whole space is set up with furniture of the Scandinavian tradition, which are placed in their perfect environment… the famous “closing of the circle”.

Scandinavian architects, in fact, considered it necessary “to open” between inside and outside… they were searching for continuity between outside and inside… the forest had to enter the interior through organic materials and shapes, and the light did not had to meet filters: hence the use of large windows, to make the most of natural light, so precious in the North…


It was therefore a real pleasure to have participated in such a coherent and successful project.

I thank the Honda team, who welcomed me and promoted me with such kindness and gratitude.

I thank the Avantgarde Agency – London, in particular Alessandro Tafuro, who with his energy, sensitivity and great professionalism, helped me and supported me from the beginning.

Preparation in collaboration with Arch. Elisa Annovi

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