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A very special setting with a view …

The careful search for original, unique and iconic pieces of the history of design allows us to make furniture and objects available for different contexts such as events, exhibitions and photo shoots, via our rental service.

A very special occasion has just taken place featuring the setting of the pair of Easy-chairs, designed by Alvar Aalto, for a truly unique project: the Skyway Suite, the highest accommodation on Airbnb in Europe, in the Mont Blanc massif, at 3,500 mt. of altitude.

The suite was a special Airbnb temporary project, created in collaboration with Skyway for a single night inside the Punta Helbronner station of the spectacular cable car that goes up from Courmayeur, with a 360-degree view of Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, the Matterhorn, the Gran Paradiso and the Grand Combin. For the occasion, the Airbnb host of this special accommodation was the alpine ski champion Federica Brignone. The proceeds from the initiative are destined for the Skyway Monte Bianco “Save the Glacier” project.

In this unique context, the choice of the Easy-chairs by the great Finnish architect Alvar Aalto created a perfect dialogue, exactly what was the basis of the work of these architects, constantly seeking continuity between the external world and the internal environment. The elegance of the geometries created by this architecture and the contrast with the spectacular panorama suspended between the sky and the rock and ice walls of the mountains, turned out to be an ideal setting to highlight this philosophy belonging to the Nordic world. The formal cleanliness of the lines elegantly brings out the warmth of the wood and the texture of the seats, giving a sense of comfort and harmony.

The result is a refined setting, perfectly aligned with the sense of uniqueness and style of Scandinavian design.

It is always a pleasure, and sometimes an honor, as in this case, to make available our know-how and our unique pieces to create elegant and functional solutions for every occasion.


Suite Skyway is a project by Airbnb - Photo by Claudia Zalla

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