Euroluce 2019 – Milano Design Week

The magic of light by Davide Groppi that meets the essence of Scandinavian Design

Even this year we had the honor of collaborating with the lighting company Davide Groppi.

We sought harmony and balance between the essence of light and the Scandinavian functionality.

We once again created dialogues between worlds and distant historical periods, but with common denominators: purity, simplicity and functionality.

What should a lamp do? The most beautiful light in the world, in the most discreet, elegant and innovative way possible.

What do a chair, a table have to do? They must at their best solve their function of comfort and practical use, combining a certain aesthetic dignity.

By combining the functional aspect, in search of formal cleanliness, going by the removal of excesses, the world of Scandinavian Functionalism and that of great innovation meet and invention of the Italian company Davide Groppi.

A spontaneous union that returns with coherence and honesty a 360 ° vision of the purest and most sophisticated Design, giving a concrete example of the personalized interpretation of the product.

I sincerely thank all the team of Davide Groppi, all special people, who give their contribution with dedication and make it possible to create ideal spaces with a magical flavor.

A special thanks to Davide, who teaches me something precious every day, thanks to his deep passion and unparalleled professionalism.

Set up in collaboration with Arch. Elisa Annovi

The works in the exhibition are by Gianfranco Uccelli

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